Resources and Links

Vocab Ideas from

Choosing Which Words to Teach Presentation from the authors of Bringing Words to Life

Additional Resources from Bringing Words to Life

Infographic: 10 Principles for Effective Vocabulary Instruction

Words, Words, Words: Teaching Vocabulary in Grades 4-12 by Janet Allen

Building Academic Vocabulary by Robert Marzano and Debra Pickering

FREE RICE - Learn vocab that levels to your ability WHILE participating in a humanitarian effort!

Academic Vocabulary Resources

Quizlet - Study vocab, create your own flashcards and share them with your friends!

FlashCard Machine - Create your own FlashCards!

CueFlash - Online Flashcard Generator

Vocab Games (and other book related resources) from McDougal Littell

LD Online - Elaborating Vocabulary Instruction

Academic Vocabulary Website


Animoto - Create "Movie Trailer" like short videos from your pictures, videos, and text!

xtraNORMAL - Create dramatic interpretations of vocabulary words using text. If you can type, then you can use this tool!

BIG HUGE LABS resources:

MOTIVATOR : Create your own "Motivational" Style posters using your vocab words!

TRADING CARDS : Create your own "Baseball" Style cards using words and images!

CUBE : Create a 3-dimensional cube of pictures or words to enhance vocabulary understanding! (Or for comparative analysis?)

LOTS OF OTHER TOOLS : From BigHugeLabs - many of which could be used for Vocab Instruction and Support!

Rev Up Your Lessons
Created by Angela Cunningham and published originally on her BLOG .


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Create videos, complete with music & text, using your images. Videos can be embedded on websites & blogs.
Examples: New York Video
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Create interactive posters using text, photos, music, & videos. Glogs can be embedded on websites & blogs.
Examples: Huckleberry Finn Glog, Traci Blazosky’s Glogs
For more information on using Glogster, watch the Getting Started with Glogster andGlogster Tutorial videos.
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Make multimedia interactive quizzes. Quizzes can be embedded on websites & blogs.
Examples: US Citizenship Test
Also Try: Quia, QuizEgg
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Create online surveys & polls. Polls can be embedded on websites & blogs.
Examples: Amendments Poll
Also Try: Obsurvey
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Record screencasts, tutorials, lectures, etc., then embed them on websites & blogs.
Also Try: Jing
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Study & play with data as online flashcards, hangman games, crossword puzzles, matching, word searches, etc.Flashcards can be studied online, printed, exported to cell phones on iPods, or embedded on websites & blogs.
Examples: Geography Vocabulary
Also Try: BrainFlips, Cobocards, Ediscio,Knowtes
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Create multimedia timelines. Timelines can be embedded on websites & blogs.
Examples: US History Timeline
Also Try: Capzles, Dipity, TimeGlider
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Create a secure, temporary chat room.
Examples: Classroom Backchanneling Discussion
Also Try: CoverItLive, Today’s Meet
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Build an online notice board using virtual Post-Its.
Examples: World War II Wall
Also Try: Stixy
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Create a word cloud from the text you provide, giving greater prominence to words that appear most frequently. Wordles can be printed or embedded on websites and blogs.
Examples: Inaugural Addresses Wordles
For more information on using Wordle, refer to 38 Interesting Ways to Use Wordle in the Classroom.
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Create movies from the text you provide.
Examples: Classroom Examples

Created by Angela Cunningham, Bullitt Central High School, Shepherdsville, KY 40165